Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm not Tony...

Oh, these kids are missing their daddy... real bad.

16 day trips to China,

"Play with me mommy!  Play with me!!!"

It's kind of sad, but I'm not the "player" in the family.  I'm the cleaner, cooker, washer, bather, tooth-brusher, pajama-on-er, breakfast maker, taxi driving"mommy". 

Dad gets credit for all the fun stuff.  Like watching movies, making popcorn, playing Lego's, saying YES to baking and having friends over! 

I'm the meanie...

Since I'm parenting in double time for the rest of these 16 days, I just have to brag about how proud I am of this creation:

It connects! 

And yes Jason, there are extra parts leftover.  I know!

I'm not perfect.

It connects.

Let's call it  a day

Fair enough?

Jason's feet in the track, send Leo into a whole new level of anger.  Jason, however, revels in his angst.

Bed was at 8:30.  Wine was at 8:35....

Don't judge.

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